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Wooden Name Train, Letters £2 each!

Add your name here to personalise your item!
Please add the number of letters you require for your train.
How Many Blank Carriages Do You Need? (often used as hyphens in name)

A lovely display item in a babies room, or suitable to be played with by children aged 3 and over.

We have designed a beautiful bag to gift and then store this train in which makes it even more special!

Each name train includes a front and end carriage priced at £4.00 for both (£2 each).

Add the name you require to the box above.

Then, select the number of letters in your baby's name. Each letter carriage is charged at £2, and you can view the total cost in your shopping basket. For example a 'Noah' train would be 4 x £2 (for NOAH) + £8 + £4 (for the engine and carriage)  Total = £12.00.

We also stock a blank carriage, so you can add a child's middle name e.g. Noah_Max. Just add a dash between names when adding to the personalisation box, as above and select an extra letter when you place the order.