My name is Amanda Berg the founder of Percy & Nell. Welcome to our store!

Percy & Nell is dedicated to creating beautiful pieces of personalised kid-friendly couture made exclusively from organic and sustainably-sourced material. Through our products, we are proud to be able to offer your family a line of babywear and children’s wear that not only protects your child, but is also kind to the environment.  

Our baby clothes provide your children with the comfort they need to have the confidence to explore the world. Also, because you made the choice to buy clothes made from eco-friendly sources, together we can ensure that there is a better world for them to inherit. 

I am a mother of two, and when my children were young, I always loved receiving personalised gifts, especially when my daughters were small. Having items with their name on it felt so much more special, and when these items were gifts, they felt especially personal and so very thoughtful. With this in mind, I went on to develop Percy & Nell, in the hopes that you and your family would love these gift items as much as we do.

Amanda x