Percy and Nell X Muddle Through Mummy


    Daisy Woods, aka @muddlethroughmummy is a mum of two, Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator and TikTok creator with a following of over 120,000.

    Pursuing her budding social media career wholeheartedly comes with its own challenges, including fighting imposter syndrome as well as handling negative comments online. But if there’s one thing we can really commend her on, it’s her notion of showing up as the version of yourself you want to be, accepting all your flaws, facing your fears and DOING IT ANYWAY. No self-limiting beliefs here!

    With this in mind, she wanted to do something others might suggest was impossible; create her own clothing collection, celebrating some of the perfectly imperfect aspects of life and motherhood. Already a huge fan of her ‘&Breathe’ Percy & Nell sweater, knowing the quality we deliver and the colour, positivity and joy we stand for, she arrived at our door.

    Daisy shares the highs, lows and downright relatable aspects of being a mum but the appeal of her content has earned her an audience of far more than solely those with children. This is why we wanted this collaboration to be accessible for all; from sleep deprived students to muddling through mamas!

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